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Faculty and Staff Spotlight - Matt Schwartz

by Jessica Riedmueller on 2019-04-18T10:00:00-05:00 | Comments

From time to time we'll feature a member of the library faculty and staff. We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Matt Schwartz PictureWhat is your position here at the library?

I am a Library Technician that works in the Interlibrary Loan office. I work on the lending side of interlibrary loan and fulfill requests from other libraries. I originally started working at circulation overnight.

How and/or why did you get into libraries?

I was working at coffee shops and retail and wanted a change of pace. I also wanted to go back to school and working for the library gave me the ability to make that happen.

What do you enjoy most about working in libraries? Or in Torreyson library in particular?

I get to feel like I am actually helping the public. My current job is a little less public facing than when I worked at circulation but I still enjoy working for our patrons. It is also interesting to see trends in research or what is popular before it is reported on in book lists or on review websites.

What is something you wish people knew about the library?

We have a lot more material than you think. While we do have many physical books and journals we also have thousands of ebooks as well. There are also practice exams and short courses on basic subjects that are available. We are always growing ways to help you.

What is your favorite book or genre?

My favorite book is probably Dune by Frank Herbert. Sci-fi and Fantasy have always been my favorite genres and Dune is a fantastic mashup of the two. I am really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen later this year.

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