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Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Inclusive Classroom Resources

Using This Guide

Welcome to the Antiracist Pedagogy and Inclusive Classroom Resource LibGuide! This guide is a collaborative effort of the 2020-2021 UCA Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Center for Teaching Excellence. Its primary audience is teaching faculty, though we hope that many UCA stakeholders can use some or all these resources.

A LibGuide is an online pathfinder that researchers can use to connect with many types of resources on a particular topic. Please use the tabs to the left to navigate through the content. If you have resources that you would like to see included in this guide, please email them to Amber Wilson ( We would love to include them and appreciate the help. Thanks!

Image of Equality Diversity Triangles

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Statement Regarding Racial and Social Injustice

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee appreciates and supports recent statements made by UCA President Houston Davis and SGA President Jamaal Lockings regarding the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent, ongoing nationwide protests. In his statement to the campus community, President Davis emphasized UCA’s commitment to academic vitality, integrity, and especially diversity as the values that unite our community and make it strong. In his letter to students, SGA President Lockings proposed a series of actionable steps that SGA will take to enact their commitment to diversity as an institutional value. 

As faculty members, much of our responsibility for enacting, with integrity, our commitment to diversity comes with our role as colleagues and educators. Educational institutions have historically perpetuated systems of racial inequity, and as teachers we must continue to be engaged in the work of creating policies, pedagogies, and practices that engender diversity, inclusion, and equity. To this end, the Executive Committee will work with the full Faculty Senate to take the following actions:

  • Better utilize our resources to promote effective communication between diverse bodies.

  • Support and promote diversity initiatives and programming offered by student organizations, colleges and departments, and the Office of Diversity and Community.

  • Partner with the Center for Teaching Excellence and Torreyson Library to create a resource guide to facilitate developing inclusive and antiracist pedagogies. 

  • Advocate for the resources faculty need to create equitable learning environments.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee stands in support of the Black community nationally, locally, and in our community of faculty, staff, and students. We see the grief, pain, and anger that result from the most recent events in a long history of violence and injustice. We urge our faculty colleagues not only to support the Black members of our community in this moment of crisis, but also to understand the historical and systemic forces at play and use that understanding to continue improving UCA as a safe and welcoming place for all members of the community. 


Jen Talbot,  President

Amber Wilson, Vice President

Cindy Lea, Secretary/Treasurer

Anthony McMullen, Parliamentarian