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Learning to talk like a Pirate with Mango Languages

by Elizabeth DiPrince on 2018-09-19T13:20:49-05:00 in New Resources | Comments

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Are your pirate talking skills up to the challenge? Is your Pirate fluency what it needs to be? If not, Mango Languages is here to help. This language learning database, available through the library web page, has over 72 languages available to learn, including most importantly--Pirate!

Mango Languages has interactive lessons with a focus on conversational learning. Each language offers learning pathways with clear conversational and grammar goals.

Lessons includes audio of conversational phrases and also important grammar notes.

Mango also offers the ability to test and compare your pronunciation and accent. 


You can use Mango Languages as a guest or create an account in order to save your progress. This database can also be used on mobile devices. Mango is a fun database, whether you are trying to impress your friends with Pirate talk, getting ready for an international vacation, or need extra practice for a language class.

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