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Gender Studies

Research resources selected for the Gender Studies minor

Looking for a Topic?

Try one of these topics

  • In what ways does intimate partner violence affect the queer community?
    • Possible keywords: intimate partner violence, identity abuse, queer communities, LGBT people, intersectionality
  • How does nonbinary identity differ from transgender identity?
    • Possible keywords: gender identity, transgender people, gender nonconforming people
  • Do LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed programs prevent homophobic harassment in schools?
    • Possible keywords: sex education, bullying prevention, LGBT youth, health promotion
  • How does the medical establishment treat transgender people?
    • Possible keywords: transgender people, health disparities, health care inequality, patient protection

Keywords in Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field and may require keywords the aspect of the gender issue combined with keywords related to multiple disciplines (history, politics, medicine, literature, etc.). The ideas below will help get you started. If you need further help with keywords, talk to your professor or set up a research appointment with a librarian.

Note: Terminology in Gender Studies evolves much faster than terminology in databases. You will likely come across outdated and possibly offensive subject descriptions. However, it may be necessary to use such keywords in order to find the research you need.

Some suggested keyword combinations:

  • Gender AND [society, psychology, biology, income]
  • Women AND [art, history, sex roles, gender expression]
  • Men AND [communication, mental health, gender roles]

Expand your Keyword List

Look for additional keywords in:

  • Abstracts/Summaries even if the article is not relevant to your research, it may provide terms common to the field or other term related to your research.
  • Book Indexes are basically keywords lists that help you navigate information in a physical book.
  • "Suggested Topics" or "Related Searches" in databases and Google Scholar. Often these can help you rephrase terminology into the "official" database subjects
    • E.g. "LGBTQ-inclusive sex education" may also be referred to as "comprehensive sex education"