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Library Basics for Peer Coaches and Tutors: Home

Welcome to the Library

Amber Wilson

Head of Education and Outreach


Jessica Riedmueller

Instructional Services Librarian


Contact Us

Reference Desk: 501-450-5224

Circulation Desk: 501-450-3174

General Databases

These databases cover a wide variety of topics and subjects.

When Should You Call A Librarian?

Situation: You have a citation, but you need the full-text article. What do you do?

Situation: How would you search "Are fears all in your head" in the database?

Situation: Someone needs primary research on medical marijuana. How do you help them?

The Library is here to help! Between 7 AM through midnight, your friendly, neighborhood reference librarian is ready to answer all of your research questions.

Don't know where the Reference Desk is? There are two desks at the front of the library. Look for the one with the large clock behind it!

Not in the library? Don't want to walk over? We have a link for that:

But seriously, if you need immediate help (research emergency!) call or come by the Reference Desk. Our phone number is
501-450-5224. Save it in your favorite contacts; you'll need us eventually.

Research Tools

Search for Everything 

(And we mean EVERYTHING. But if you don't know where to go, start here)

Search for Ebooks

Search for Books:

To locate books available in Torreyson Library, type in the search terms and click Go.