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Newspapers: Historical

Current and historical newspapers available at Torreyson Library

Historical Newspapers

Aurora General Advertiser (Pennsylvania)
MICROFORMS: 1790-1812
Frankfurter Zeitung (Frankfurt, Germany)
MICROFORMS: 1924-1925
The Free South (Columbia)
MICROFORMS: 1863-1864
Liberator (Boston, MA)
MICROFORMS: 1831-1865 
ONLINE: 1831-1865
Louisville Courier Journal (Louisville, KY)
MICROFORMS: 1868-1919
The New York Times
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Niles Weekly Register
Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, VA)
MICROFORMS: 1880-1900
ONLINE: 1884-1903
Richmond Planet (Richmond, VA)
MICROFORMS: 1890-1894, 1899-1905
ONLINE: 1885-1930
Standard (Ogden, UT)
MICROFORMS: 1890-1897
Virginia Gazette (Richmond, VA)
MICROFORMS: 1736-1776

Other Historical Newspaper Resources

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Arkansas Historical Newspapers

Arkansas Democrat Gazette
MICROFORMS: 1991-2018
ONLINE: 1994-Present (Access may vary off campus)
The Arkansas Freeman (Little Rock, AR)
In Process
Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1819-1991
ONLINE: 1820-1908 
Arkansas Intelligencer (Van Buren, AR)
ONLINE: 1845-1858 
Arkansas Star (Little Rock, AR)
ONLINE: 1939-1841 
Arkansas State Press (Little Rock, AR)
ARCHIVES: 1984-1998
Arkansas Whig (Little Rock, AR)
ONLINE: 1851-1855 
Atkins Chronicle (Atkins, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1894-1982
Batesville Record (Batesville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1916-1928
Baxter Bulletin (Mountain Home, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1901-1986
Calico Rock Progress (Calico Rock, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1919-1967
Democrat-Enterprise (Ozark, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1947-1956
The Denson Tribune
ONLINE: 1943-1944
Fayetteville Daily Democrat (Fayetteville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1935-1937
Fayetteville Daily (Fayetteville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1903-1935
Fayetteville Democrat (Weekly publication, Fayetteville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1892-1915
Fort Smith Elevator (Fort Smith, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1880-1891
Fort Smith Times Record (Fort Smith, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1894-1909 
MICROFORMS: 1909-1924
Harrison Times (Daily publication, Harrison, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1882-1978
Harrison Times (Weekly publication, Harrison, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1911-1915
Herald Democrat (Clarksville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1943-1974
Imboden Journal (Imboden, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1943-1985
Jonesboro Daily News (Jonesboro, AR)
ONLINE: 1908-1910 
Jonesboro Daily Times-Enterprise (Jonesboro, AR)

ONLINE: 1904-1908 


Jonesboro Evening Sun (Jonesboro, AR)

ONLINE: 1904-1922 


Jonesboro Weekly Sun (Jonesboro, AR)

ONLINE: 1904-1922 


Jonesboro Weekly Times-Enterprise (Jonesboro, AR)

ONLINE: 1905-1908 


Marshall Mountain Wave (Marshall, AR)

MICROFORMS: 1892-1928  
MICROFORMS: 1928-1945 
MICROFORMS: 1945-1985
Melbourne Times (Melbourne, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1899-1985
Morning Republican (Little Rock, AR)
ONLINE: 1867-1874 
Mountain Echo (Yellville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1886-1984
Newark Journal (Newark, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1902-1958
Newton County News (Jasper, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1948-1957
Northwest Arkansas Times (Fayetteville, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1937-1979
Rogers Democrat (Rogers, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1896-1960
The Rohwer Outpost (Rohwer, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1942-1945 
ONLINE: 1942-1945
Salem Headlight (Salem, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1928-1980
Sharp County Record (Evening Shades, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1877-1952
Spectator (Ozark, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1959-1984
Stone County Leader (Mountain View, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1953-1985
Van Buren Press (Van Buren, AR)
MICROFORMS: 1895-1912
Weekly Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, AR)
ONLINE: 1819-1876 
Western Clarion (Helena, AR)
ONLINE: April-December 1865