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Educational Equity for Teachers

Additional Research Guides and Resources

AntiRacist Pedagogy LibGuide Homepage

Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Inclusive Classroom Resources

This guide is a collaborative effort of the 2020-2021 UCA Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Center for Teaching Excellence. Its primary audience is teaching faculty, though we hope that many UCA stakeholders can use some or all these resources.

Cover image of the Black Lives Matter libguide

Black Lives Matter

Unequivocally and without caveat: Black Lives Matter. This LibGuide is here to help connect people with resources and information they may be looking for on the subject of Black Lives Matter.

Thumbnail of UCA Office of Institutional Diversity web page

UCA's Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion serves to help UCA become Arkansas’ premiere university for diversity and inclusive excellence.

Cover image of Gender Studies Libguide

Gender Studies

This LibGuide consists of research resources selected for the Gender Studies minor. Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field of scholarly pursuit that focuses on the intersections of gender, sex, and sexuality with other dimensions of human experience

Image of Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Resources LibGuide

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Community Resources

This guide is a collection of resources for multiple communities, including but not limited to, LGBTQ+ and non-traditional students. In this guide you will find resources on the UCA campus, in Faulkner County, Arkansas state organizations, and national resources.

different colored raised handsWelcome to the Educational Equity LibGuide! A LibGuide is an online pathfinder that researchers can use to connect with many types of resources on a particular topic. Please use the tabs to the left to navigate through the content.

Education equity examines and explores how the educational system is a system that benefits some individuals while also disenfranchising others. These resources provide a wealth of information to deepen your personal knowledge. Many of these resources can be used in the classroom to help uncover issues of equity in education, and also provides strategies and approaches for attending to these issues. Finally, these resources explore the intersectionality of identities and how one's identities can be both representational and revelational. 

We hope this guide will continue to grow and evolve as we discover new content. If you have resources that you would like to see included in this guide, please email them to Candice Barnes ( or Amber Wilson ( We would love to include them and appreciate the help. Thanks!